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Japanese Ceramic Samurai Statue Incense Holder

Japanese Ceramic Samurai Statue Incense Holder

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Unleash the scent of a warrior's tranquility with our Japanese Ceramic Samurai Statue Incense Holder - where incense becomes an epic odyssey! This isn't just an incense holder; it's a 'zen-tastic' journey through ancient lands.

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⭐Material: Ceramic & Enamel 
⭐Dimension: ( detailed dimensions on the photos)
⭐Notes: Pure manual measurement, please allow a little tolerance.
⭐Package Included: 1 x samurai statue Incense Holder

Handcrafted with the wisdom of a master samurai and fired with incense serenity, this holder is more than just a place for your favorite scents. It's a fragrant dojo for your relaxation rituals.

Why settle for a regular incense holder when you can have one that's as mighty as a samurai's spirit? At Katze Home, we believe in infusing your space with the spirit of humor and tranquility. So, let's light up and let the Zen warrior in you find peace!



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