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Iridescent Glass Ball Vases Flower Pot

Iridescent Glass Ball Vases Flower Pot

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Give your blooms a disco makeover with our Iridescent Glass Ball Vases – because your flowers deserve to boogie in a pot of 'reflective fabulous'! These vases aren't just flower pots; they're the disco balls of the floral world.

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⭐Material: Glass & Crystal
⭐Dimension: detailed dimensions on the photos
⭐Notes: Pure manual measurement, please allow a little tolerance.
⭐Package Included: 1 x Glass vase

Crafted with the shimmer of iridescent magic and a sprinkle of glassy charm, these vases are more than just holders. They're a 'petal party' waiting to make your blooms groove with a touch of humor.

Why settle for ordinary flower pots when you can have ones that are as 'iridescently stylish' as a flower doing the cha-cha? At Katze Home, we believe in making flowers the life of the party with a twist of humor. So, let's bloom and let the iridescent vase dance begin

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