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Little Women Book Vase Retro Geometric

Little Women Book Vase Retro Geometric

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Dive into the pages of classic charm with our Little Women Book Vase - where timeless tales meet retro geometry in a 'vase-tastic' fusion! This isn't just a vase; it's a literary journey with a touch of whimsy.

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⭐Material: Ceramic & Porcelain
⭐Dimension: detailed dimensions on the photos
⭐Notes: Pure manual measurement, please allow a little tolerance.
⭐Package Included: 1 x Little women book vase


Crafted with the elegance of Louisa May Alcott and a sprinkle of geometric flair, this vase is more than just a vessel for blooms. It's a 'bookish bloom' in a dimension of chic.

Why settle for an ordinary vase when you can have one that's as 'geometrically graceful' as a well-composed plot twist? At Katze Home, we believe in adding a dash of humor to your decor. So, let's bloom and let the retro geometric charm unfold

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