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Nordic Ceramic Splatter Mugs

Nordic Ceramic Splatter Mugs

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Introducing our Nordic Ceramic Splatter Mugs - the "accidentally artistic" mugs that turn coffee spills into masterpieces!

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⭐Material: Ceramic
⭐Capacity: 400ml
⭐Dimension: 8.5 x 10 x 16 cm ( detailed dimensions on the photos)
⭐Notes: Pure manual measurement, please allow a little tolerance.
⭐Package Included: 1 x Nordic Ceramic Splatter Mugs
Have you ever accidentally spilled your coffee and thought, "Oops, I just created a work of art"? Well, our Nordic Ceramic Splatter Mugs take that happy accident and turn it into a fun and stylish design. These mugs 
at Katze Home are like wearable abstract paintings for your morning caffeine fix.

And here's the best part - the splatter design isn't just for show. It's strategically placed to camouflage those inevitable coffee stains that we all try to hide. So go ahead, spill a little, and watch as your mishap seamlessly blends into the artistic chaos of the mug.

These mugs are not just for coffee lovers; they're for anyone who appreciates the beauty of imperfection and finds joy in the unexpected. They make a fantastic gift for your artsy friends, quirky coworkers, or anyone who could use a daily dose of colorful creativity.
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