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Nordic Style Swan Ceramic Candle Holder

Nordic Style Swan Ceramic Candle Holder

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Introducing our Swan Ceramic Candle Holder, the elegant and whimsical addition your space needs!

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⭐Material: Ceramic
Beige / Ivory short - 3 cm x 7.5 cm
Beige / Ivory tall - 6.5 cm x 8 cm
⭐Care Instructions:
Please do not use dishwasher to wash the vase, only delicate hand wash.
Please use dripless wax candles since the hot wax will remove color.
⭐Package: 1 x Reno Candle Holder 
- If there is a specific date that you need the order by, please message me before place your order. I'll try my best to meet these shipping estimates, but cannot guarantee them. Actual delivery time will depend on each country's situation and custom process.
- Candle products cannot be exchanged or returned.

This candle holder takes inspiration from the grace and beauty of swans, transforming them into a charming home decor piece. Made from high-quality ceramic, this lovely swan holds a special place for your favorite candle, creating a warm and cozy ambiance.

Picture this: the soft flickering candlelight, the gentle glow reflecting off the swan's glossy finish, and the delicate silhouette of the swan gracefully adorning your living room, bedroom, or dining area. It's like having a touch of elegance floating on water right in your home!

At Katze Home not only does our Swan Ceramic Candle Holder enhance your space with its enchanting design, but it also adds a touch of humor to your surroundings. Who knew swans could have such a keen eye for interior design? They effortlessly blend sophistication with a delightful sense of whimsy.

Whether you're enjoying a quiet evening alone or hosting a gathering with friends, our Swan Ceramic Candle Holder is sure to make a splash. It's the perfect conversation starter and a great way to add a touch of elegance and humor to any occasion.

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